Friday, 8 May 2020

May Ate

Well I got a homophone for May 8 , and as it's just past midnight and a supposed Bank Holiday (still need to finish some work but have a weekend to do it) so I will do today's post now and keep on with the #maywriteabit . I wonder how many people see me going on about homophones and think I am going on about homophobes.

Today I listened to Max Richter's 8 hour performance of "Sleep" which is available for four more days from BBC Sounds here. I got the original album with a bonus disc as part of a Rough Trade recommendation package. The eight hour piece contains 31 sections which you can find out more on the link.

While in a similar univers to "Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno, it is a more music based piece, rather than semi structured ambient sounds.

So I've decided to share "Vladimir's Blues" by Max Richter featuring a video that utilises state of the art surveillance techniques. Check out "Sleep" it's definitely worth your attention.

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