Wednesday, 6 May 2020

May Seeks

I am still trying to keep the May homophone/homonym thing going as well as keeping in with the #maywriteabit project and have just noticed that the editor has gone back to the old ne which is better for me writing as it's more responsive. Maybe yesterday was a test run.

On an unrelated thing I've noticed that after I switch on my Google Pixel 2XL , it doesn't actually start until I unlock it for the first time. I suppose that may be true of most phones as most people leave them on 24/7, but I have started completely switching mine off at night.

On the homophone (words that sound like each other but are spelt differently and mean different things so for SIX (It's May 6th) I could have had:

  1. Sikhs
  2. Seeks
  3. Sicks

.. and probably a few more, five was more difficult and by next week the homophone thing will probably be finished, but it is a good enough reason to write for me. I've written about homonyms before so maybe I am just repeating myself, and I will check that out later.

This is just a very short post on the Wednesday morning and I intend to go for a short walk. As I write this "Never(Lagos Never Gonna Be The Same)" by Tony Allen (who we lost recently and High Masekela  is being played by Chris Hawkins on 6Music , and it's a tribute to the late Fela Kuti, three great artists and Tony Allen drummed with The Good,The Bad and The Queen the supergroup which also included Damon Albarn, and Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

So that is the song I will leave you with before I set out

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