Friday, 1 May 2020

May I?

It's May the first and I was looking to a Bank Holiday on Monday but the Government have moved it so supposedly celebrate VE Day , if they wanted that they should have given an extra day, but it's really to take it away from the political Left as May Day in the nineteenth Century it was chosen as International Workers Day although prior to that is was a Festival of Spring Bank Holiday, and like many pagan festivals has been apprehended by modernity.

Essential I wanted to share one of my favourite artists songs "May I?" also known as "Puis Je?"  by Kevin Ayers  and obviously "May I?" and May 1st look similar to each other.

The weather looks nice and I may take a short walk possibly to the Roman Temple just off the West Road behind the job centre as I haven't been there for an age and need a change of walking direction, although I may find it's a little too far but I will definitely visit over the weekend.

One of the problems with this lockdown is that lots of current things we take for granted are now not happening and we don't know if they ever will , no new TV , no sport, although thanks to digital media we have so much that we can watch if we look for it.

I've recommenced "Vikings" and didn't know that Paris was originally built on an island in the Seine (where Notre Dame stands) and didn't know that the the Vikings did attack Paris. My lack of historical knowledge means I don't know the outcome but my historical knowledge implies it wasn't successful.

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