Sunday, 3 May 2020

May Free

Many rears ago I saw a Two Ronnies sketch where a restaurant menu consisted of groups on fingle letters and characters , no words, to represent the food. The only one I can remember is MNX (Ham and Eggs) . I'm sort of joining in with the #maywriteabit project and was wondering if I can continue through having blog titles related to the sound of the date but  not actually stating the date. I think I will run out fairly quickly and also , this year , I was going to reign back my blog posting, but this is maintaining a one a day post for May 2020.

This year I've already posted more than I did in any year before 2011, which may be a good or bad thing.

I am posting at half past midnight so I am into Sunday and really should be asleep in bed. I've told people I'm going to bed but am still on here now.

Today I walked into town via Cow Hill and Exhibition Park and coming out of Exhibition Park there was a man walking his dog as I passed him on the other side of the path he shouted at me "Keep Away from me, the Police are rounding up people like you", I think he was implying I wasn't observing Social Distancing unaware irony that his fist waving was bringing him closer to me , but I was walking a lot faster than he was.

The other day I was walking and heard someone whistling and assumed the were calling their dog , a few seconds later I was nearly hit by a cyclist , why he didn't have a bell , or shout for me to get off the footpath (after footpaths are apparently for cyclists these days)  I haven't a clue. Whistling doesn't say to me "Get Out Of My Way , There's A Bike Coming" , it says "Get The Sheep In The Pen".

So what tune do we go with? Another that's been in my brain on repeat thanks to 6Music is "I'm Not Your Dog" by Baxter Dury, like his father but with some extra Je Ne Sais Quois  (hope that's spelt right.

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