Tuesday, 5 May 2020

May Flies

Well five days into May and I've run out of similar words to numbers and the blog editor has changed significantly, it looks fairly awful as it doesn't reflect what you are going to post , but there is a preview option. We shall see how this progresses, but it is very similar to the Medium editor which I used for a post on there yesterday. The new editor is very slow to load although seems to use the full screen, which means you seem to write more slowly. At this point in the editor I am just coming to the end on the second line of this post.

While this is in some ways simple in other ways it's disconcerting, part of the reason is that there was no warning that this was happening. Adding labels brings it to a halt , which is not good. It does amaze me that companies introduce things like this without testing, but then again it's free so I can't really complain. I have a hell of a lot of labels and they've changed it so you have search and select via a checkbox. I'm not impressed. 

I wanted to tag #maywriteabit which I have done, but I wanted to tag Bright Eyes as I am sharing the excellent "Persona Non Grata" but that maybe too slow, it's like going back twenty five years in the ability to write on the computer, makes you almost want to go back to pen and paper. I'll take that back you still have to check the box but the tags seem to be working Ok now.

So what else has been happening, I've hit series four of "Vikings" 1-3 had ten episodes apiece , 4-6 have twenty episodes apiece and there's a new one scheduled for Netflix. I keep getting "Update Failed" signs but not sure what that means either , maybe it hasn't saved. The preview looks OK though.

I'm just into May but don't think I'm going to hit my step target, though this coming weekend may change my opinion on that.

So here it goes , first post with new editor .

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