Monday, 23 December 2013

A Smile Before Christmas

This song came completely out of left field, suggested by a good friend. It's not that seasonal but embodies many of the qualities that should be encapsulated in the season's spirit. Caring for others and not being afraid to show your own feelings. Prefab Sprout while not my favourite band, have always produced music of excellent quality (though I never liked "King of Rock and Roll").

It also means the song I had for today will now be pushed back til tomorrow, so it's amazing how good things can slowly snowball, and before you know where you are there are lots of good things happening.

Our weather is getting worse but still not absolutely terrible and I have a feeling it will blow over, but I feel for anyone out on nights like this.

I hope you are warm tonight on pre Christmas Eve Eve , so have a great time and always have a smile for someone.

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