Saturday, 21 December 2013

Today Is The Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice so the days are now going to get longer and lighter.  Though because of the nature of nature , nothing remains totally constant.

Sigur Ros always remind me of winter , I've heard their music and described "for glaciers" and can't argue with this. They are from Iceland so I think I can definitely describe this as a seasonal beauty.
A quote from the Youtube feed :

"The only reason for autumn and spring, is to jump in puddles." -- 
+John Kellden 

Which I can fully understand. The video for Hoppipolla is , well maybe , just what you'd expect from the band, I was hoping for one full of Arctic landscapes as the wind and rain blows outside my window.  Today I was contact by the son of a former work colleague who returned to Australia many moons ago , thanking me for the song I'd posted on his wall for the birthday , It was totally out of the blue , but is always nice to hear from people. The last Christmas song I posted by Glasvegas , I thought some people  may find a little depressing but I am glad friends saw the beauty in it. They are a wonderful band, and I remember my friend Kate saying how much she loved them because of they sing in a broad Glasgow accent (another friend now living in Africa)

Anyway enjoy , this and enjoy the rest of your pre Christmas Weekend.

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