Thursday, 19 December 2013

Not Quite Christmas Eve

This may have appeared on some compilation or other, but although it's not quite "Oiche Nollaig" (Christmas Eve), Micheal O Suilleabhain's short piano piece it certainly uplifting and enjoyable though possibly trawling jazzy waters.

John Cooper-Clarke once said he complained the the hotel manager about teh roof in his room:

Manager: What's the problem
JCC: I'd like one!

Remember this Christmas there will be a lot of people , homeless and freezing so if you can help, so so , in any way you can. Shelter always need help, especially with the spiteful lot running the country at the moment, so until the revolution comes, help your fellow man if you can. Here's a link for the homeless in the North East.

If you are lucky enough to be employed , have a roof over your head, enjoy yourself , be positive, be compassionate and have a brilliant time. Be positive and look forward to the new year.

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