Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Who's That In A Winter Wonderland?

For December I'm including a seasonal related song every day, but not one that appears on any "Now That's What I Call Christmas" album, although I don't think it's too much of a challenge. Also I want it to be stuff that you can listen to as well. So toady it's the turn of the rather excellent Grandaddy.

While the season was hijacked by the catholic church, it's obviously rooted in pagan worship and really on god is much the same as another, but doesn't stop us practicing goodwill to all men and women, and really it shouldn't be just now but every day of the year.

We should be there for our friends, family and those in need , we should always extend a helping hand , because if we show kindness to others then they will pass that kindness on. Yes there are a few who will try and take advantage, but don't let them spoil the good stuff. Practice lots of hugs with the person nearest you and you will feel great. Have a wonderful night everyone.

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