Sunday, 1 December 2013

Here Comes December

The last month in 2013 has started, and the sad thing is that the commercialisation just gets worse as we're with bombarded with excuses to pour money into the pockets of faceless corporate entities. I am slightly claustrophobic ad yesterday went into Newcastle and made the mistake of going through the Eldon to get to Northumberland Street. I could hardly move and people seem to think it's ok to just stop in front of you, push you out of the way or whatever. The reason I was there was to go to the excellent Clas Ohlson for some energy saving light bulbs to replace my last two incandescent ones (in my cooker hood). It turns out they do LEDs for every type of fitting, an excellent shop. I then escaped via the Grainger Market which was far more civilized before returning home.

I'm am going to be thinking of , and talking with friends, being happy and having good times. Be happy yourself and try and make others happy. Make time for friends, don't worry about buying things and have a good time.. And it shouldn't just be now, we should be like this all year round, and it's fairly easy to be nice, so do it.

Maybe I will use December's posts to post a decent Christmas song a day,, so the fist is Light Of The Stable by Emmylou Harris.

I've just thought the letters SO look like 50 which is very good SO for all the birthdays around now I SO want you to have a a SO good time.  There always seem to be a lot of reasons to celebrate at any time of year, sometimes you just need to make yourself aware of them and take the opportunity to celebrate. So do it !!

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