Wednesday, 11 December 2013

You Really Never Know

The only thing worse than something that doesn't work when it should is something that does work when it shouldn't. At the weekend a work laptop wouldn't connect to the home network by ethernet cable, however my home laptop connect up no problem.

Yesterday I tried again with another work laptop. It wouldn't connect. I disconnected everything , rebooted everything , still no go.

Ethernet Adapter
Checked my own laptop that connected no problem , so what was going on? Was there some weird work security? Checked my own laptop and looked at the connections and then it clicked. My home laptop was connecting via wifi, not the plugged in cable.It turns out the problem was a dead ethernet adapter which effectively knocked out the whole wired network. This is what they look like -->

Then this morning the router decided to knock out the wifi , but managed to sort that as well, so all is back on track which is good.

Also his morning Chris Evans played Run With The Fox by Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes , so that can be our Yule Jewel.

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