Thursday, 4 July 2019


I've just finished reading "The Silent Companions" by Laura Purcell and while it's not my normal fare  it was fairly creepy and well written , and at the last sentence you don't know whether it was madness or supernatural evil, it is well worth a read it that is your particular taste.

My follow on from this is 2023:A Trilogy by The Justified Ancients of Mu Ma AKA The JAMS (Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty) . This seems to have a similar dynamic to "How To Burn A Million Quid" the BBC Radio 4 Podcast about Cauty and Drummond burning a million quid. I wasn't too sure but bought it (along with "The Illuminatus Trilogy" by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson on the back of listening to the podcast. They were wondering about possibly annoying certain artists and corporations but Twitter doesn't have it's name amended.

The book is over 350 pages but I don't think it's going to be a problem as the introduction and initial page set up (among other things) a Mister Robot scenario.

So we got to share some KLF don't we? I found the slower remix of "justified and Ancient" with Tammy Wynette for your enjoyment.

The books are great fun though I thing I will be reading some Matt Haig ("How To Stop Time") after this

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