Friday, 12 July 2019

Not The Worst (Good Things ARE Happening)

This morning I was feeling to apathetic, lethargic to even have a shower, but it has to be done, like taking medication. Over the last week I have noticed myself forgetting things, just very briefly like taking my tablets and just as I'm about to go out I remember. The thing is we all forget things and the fact that I always DO remember actually confirms the confidence I have in myself.

Yesterday I was trying to do something , following all the correct steps and the software was just ignoring the parameter I was supplying. After narrowing the fault down to the software (it was to produce an email with a subject line but was ignoring the subject parameter) I wondered if it was just ignoring the first parameter and would it take a second subject. It did. So working that out showed I do know what I'm doing (there was nothing in the documentation).

It is a grey day but we can expect sun and (maybe the odd shower). Fiona is doing her first mighty hike this year for MacMillan Cancer Support and if you want to drop a few quid in go here. , so the fact that people are doing things for others is a great thing, and it is Friday.

Given that Chris Hawkins played the record on 6Music and Fiona is raising money to help Cancer sufferers and it is Friday , we go with " It's Yer Money I'm After Baby" by The Wonder Stuff.

Pure synchronicity ... and that is good and spirit raising.

Also this is post number 1981 and the year 1981 is the year in which my daughter Juliet was born so if I can remember things like that (admittedly very important but that's another good thing, and I love catching up with Juliet and Kirsty whenever I can)

Now time to go out, all tablets taken 😀👍 oh that's that's the first time I've used an emoji in a post !!

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