Friday, 12 July 2019

Phlox Redondo

Two unrelated words that came into my head today, I haven't a clue why but it's always good to put together unrelated items to see what happens , assuming there's no danger and you know what your are doing. So it's not a good idea to drop phosphorus into water but Phlox (Greek for "Flame") is a genus of plant and Redondo because of the reggae based Patti Smith song "Redondo Beach" from her debut "Horses".

I found a live take from Stockholm in 1976 and there's a tour of the actual place here.

The weather is still hot and muggy and the house heating is decidedly off. I have it at 19° though I hear of people who's norm is 25° to 30° so I must be a naturally cold person.

So just wanted to share those two words with you on this Friday night, have a good one.

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