Sunday, 21 July 2019

Watching Nico

Over this weekend I have watched a few films. As I am writing this I feel but my blood sugar is way too high but my blood sugar reading is at 5.2 which is fine. I am trying some new tabs (in addition to everything else) forxiga , dapagliflozin which supposedly lets you pee your excess  blood sugar away, which means more time at the urinal or wherever but it seems to be working (I think).

So back to the films and I was most impressed with Nico 1988 which traced Nico's last couple of years when she went out on the road and played some gigs. The film was written and directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli  and features Trine Dyrholm who impressively plays Nico complete with tantrums ,  love and impressive gothic singing with great support from  John Gordon Sinclair as the ever supportive but put upon Richard. "Gregory's Girl" this isn't.

I found a live take of "All Tomorrow's Parties" from Preston in 1982 by Nico and the take from the film with Trine so you can see how good she is.

This has made me want to get some Nico on Vinyl but give the prices I may have to just stay digital (which I can play through my record player via my Kindle.

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