Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Life Is Louder

Was wandering through town today and noticed a lot of people in the street talking ...... to their phones. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, I do it, although some people make sure everyone in the quadrant can hear, it's as though they are shouting to ensure the other persona (and everyone) can hear.

The thing is this is everyone now. Pre mobile phone you used a call box, often at work people had individual offices so calls were private and not broadcast. We hear lots about making sure calls are secure, but lets face it, recording devices have a hell of a range these days.

I never thought it would happen but call boxes are disappearing, sometimes replaced by open boxes with huge advertising screens but really there is not much need for them these days, except when you are out of power or minutes on your mobile.

The thing is this is the way things are going and everyday life will get louder so for the first time I'm going to share some Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark with you with "Talking Loud and Clear".  This is a video I've never seen and also did you know that prior to their final name they were called The Id (namechecking "Forbidden Planet" I think.

Another short post but my third today.

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