Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Darts Illuminatus

2023 is finished and I loved it complete with it's "Keeper of The Page" list and now I am going to read "The Illuminatus Trilogy" which clocks in at 800 pages , double the length of 2023 and ⅔ the length of "Lord of The Rings" if I remember rightly, though at the hospital today I was enjoying the ideas coming from "Acorn", making the time at the hospital fly by despite the retinal scan and the needles to check my feet were still OK.

The font in "The Illuminatus Trilogy"  is fairly challenging and the book looks like it was photocopied, maybe to give the impression of being subversive.

It seems I'm not in too bad shape after all, well not at the moment.

I then ended up walking back from the hospital because I thought I could walk part way to Netherby Drive to catch a bus closer to home then realised I was three stops away so though I may as well just walk all the way, so ended up walking all the way and well over four miles today. While that is not a lot to most people it is fine for me.

So time for an early night.

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