Saturday, 22 February 2020


There seem to be a lot of twos and zeroes in posts and dates at the moment and obviously that makes my tiny mind decide to do another post about the veritable plethora of twos and zeros. I suppose it's just the natural pattern seeking human trait, which I have picked up on in the past and hopefully will be able to do in the future.

I've done numerically sequenced post projects in the past such as #ALifeInNumbers which I did when I turned 59 and I'm sure I did one month where I included the day number in the song I chose, but I can't identify it so I must not have set up a hashtag for it.

I'm still relearning my Google Pixel 2XL although it seems to be making noises when I want it to be quiet but two days in, I'm a lot happier than I was withe the Samsung Galaxy A3, which was adequate and did it's job.

So this is just about m noticing things and noticing unnecessary correlations and thinking of a song to go with that. It's my second post today , so it can be fairly short I think, though looking at the title it almost looks binary, although numbers are just a shape to represent a concept.

I've heard people say you need to be good at maths to do Sudoku. No you don't , you need to be good at observation, pattern recognition and assimilating that information. I do one Sudoku a week in The Observer and it gives my mind a little work out though every now and then I make a mistake a screw it up, and sometimes I do manage to correct myself.

So as we're talking numbers we can go with "6345789" , my favourite version is the upbeat Ry Cooder version, although It's a great song originally by Wilson Pickett and covered by The Blues Brothers

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