Monday, 3 February 2020

Lost Connection

Got to Whitby and the charging port on my Google Pixel died on me, so it was a case of slowly watching the woer drain until it died. An new port will be about sixty pounds but of course I was away in Whitby with no other form of connection to so many things. I have my Amazon Kindle but that is reliant on a wifi connection and  while there are numerous connection options it's not a phone and is hardly portable.

The cost of a refurbished Pixel 2 is only a hundred pounds more than the Pixel itself , and the reason I want to stay with the Pixel is that it keeps pace with Operating System Upgrades so my Pixel is on Android 10. I bought an old Samsung Note that could only take up to version 4 so a lot of the apps I need wouldn't work and didn't  do 4G, so went back to CEX and exchanged for a Samsung A3 which was smaller and goes up to V6 and does 4G. It's a bit smaller and slower but does the job and is a decent holding handset until I get a new on or the Pixel fixed, though a second hand Pixel with a 12 month guarantee is around £90 so not much more than getting this one fixed.

If I had been in Newcastle I'd have probably found somewhere to fix it but when you are on holiday it's a little more difficult, although life without a phone is not impossible.

So it's now finding options and finding my way back to work tomorrow.

Ezra Furman's "Lousy Connection" seems fairly appropriate don't you think for this first February post. Oh and I need to install twitter on the A3 to share this.

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