Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Today's The Day

SevenDaysIn has just gone over the half million visit line. Also by tomorrow I will replace the Samsung Galaxy A3 with a Google Pixel 2XL , an older phone but significantly cheaper than a new one with the same twelve month guarantee and not much more expensive than repairing the defunct charging port on my Google Pixel. The really annoying thing is that I have a perfectly functional phone that I can't charge and therefor is NOT perfectly functional any more.

Over the last week my steps have significantly dropped off mainly because of the biting cold weather, which means the bus is a preferable option.

6Music was playing Tone Loc this morning, and I always loved "Funky Cold Medina" so we will share that on this extremely short post, although it still clocks in at around 150 words, a definite novella compared to some of my early posts (like the first "mission statement" one here, but I suppose diary entries can be like that,

So enjoy your Wednesday my friends.

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