Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Favourites is one of those words where the American spelling misses out the "u" , like colour or neighbour . The thing is often the American spelling is more accurate than the English version, I think Aluminum / Aluminium is one such example. Anyway this is a digression.

Staying with Matt and Craig in Dillons I found that as well as their normal excellent service and welcome they'd upgraded their TV's to Smart TVs so there were lots of options to watch catch up TV (such as "The Thick of It" on BBC iPlayer from episode one which although it is only fifteen years old gets dated by the plethora of CRTs and flip phones , though the dialogue (American dialog ? ) is still sharp as ever.

Coming home I started on "Veep" another Armando Iannucci driven series as manic, sweary and brilliant as "The Thick Of It" part of the new excellent Sky Comedy channel, and followed that with a few episodes of the excellent "Miracle Workers".

The book I am reading "Follow The Music" has just covered the signing of The Doors to Elektra but the book itself is far too big to conveniently carry , so I bought a similarly sized book for my Kindle Fire "Imajica" by Clive Barker which is my favourite book of all time and was drawn into that and read twn chapters over the weekend and on the train back so that is another favourite I now have on the go (again).

Meanwhile the TIVO box is filling up with recordings and I am working my way through Christopher Nolan's excellent "Interstellar" which is rather amazing despite a lot of heartrending moments caused by the bending of time in space travel through black holes.

So today is back to work and I may walk to work although it is quite cold.

Another five thousand visits and this blog will have had half a million visitors which is a sort of milestone, although when I think I cover more than a million steps every three months that number does pale into insignificance.

So what song should I share this morning, the only band I have mentioned are the doors but I was also mentioning how technology can make film and TV look dated (but don't let that stop you watching because it is the dialogue that makes it essential viewing) so we will go with "Living In The Past" by Jethro Tull.

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