Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Stir Fry

Yesterday was a bit weird, we've had a bit of the latest global warming caused storm but it was fine walking into work listening to Echo and The Bunnymen's "More Songs To Learn and Sing" and with every song that came on wondering how this band were not the biggest draw in the world at some point.

At the weekend I was thinking this month I was maybe averaging one post every two days , then I realise on Sunday night I'd done seven in nine days and this will make it eight in eleven, but if I feel like writing I will do.

Walking home someone reckoned it was fine walking weather , which it was, though a bit blowy, until I got off the bus route, then the hailstones started coming down, the wind was blowing and they were cold and stinging and I had no umbrella (that would have just been destroyed by the wind) or protective headwear, but you just have to keep walking , about half a mile through an annoying hailstorm. It could have been much worse and getting into a warm house was most appreciated.

For tea I had got some prepared stir fry vegetables that implied it was hot and there was a sauce. There was no sauce so chucked the stuff (peppers , carrots, cabbage , beansprouts , water chestnuts and onions and more, in the pan with olive oil then added some brown sauce and sriracha sauce to give it some but . Five minutes later it was in the dish and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I would need something else, but I didn't eat anything else and didn't feel hungry so that was a success and will be having more. You can see me cooking on my instagram feed here. To me it looks very tasty, and it was.

Last night the wind and rain were blowing and this morning looks grim so I'm not sure if I can walk into work (well I can but the bus option is very tempting) we shall see.

Music on this Tuesday will be "The Cutter" by Echo and The Bunnymen though any song from that album would be perfect.

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