Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Fair To Middling

Last night I finished watching Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar", it's taken me a week to do it and I don't know what I was expecting, but when it started I thought "I thought this was film about space exploration". Well it's Christopher Nolan and is a wonderful, touching and mind bending film, yes things happen that you think that's far fetched, but when you suspend your disbelief it is an absolutely brilliant film.

I am more than half way through the Elektra story by Jac Holzman "Face The Music" and we are still following The Doors. The importance of The Doors to Elektra is emphasised by the back cover of the book that has fourteen album covers, four of which are by The Doors, other bands and artists get one. It's still interesting and readable but a lot of this I know from The John Densmore book but that's bye the bye.

I also got through a few pages of my favourite book "Imajica" on my Kindle Fire and otherwise did nothing. Is reading and watching film efficient use of my time? Who knows but it is enjoyable.

I was thinking that this was about beginnings , middles and ends but the Thousand Yard Stare song "Fair To Middling" (a phrase from my youth) came to mind, and as they are one of my favourite bands I will share that with you, although that was the name of the album so we'll go with "0-0 After Extra Time" or "No Score After Extra Time" depending on who's reporting the title, still appropriate in this FA Cup replay week.

I also want to do a Youtube video of me playing Tom Wait's "In The Neighbourhood" and "Does This Train Stop on Merseyside" by Ian Prowse / Amsterdam . I know I can't match the originals but the songs are both simple and wonderful.

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