Saturday, 22 February 2020

A Haunted Palace

While the visits to this blog hit half a million this week after 13 years I found that a friend is a part collaborator in The Haunted Palace blog. If you liken my diaristic ramblings to a Gregg's pasty, great if that's what you fancy and like, A Haunted Palace is a three course meal at a Michelin starred restaurant.

Taking it's title from an Edgar Allen Poe poem it has a wonderful gothic look and every post is a long and detailed book chapter on it's particular subject with references and links, a haunted library of dark corners, happenings and imaginings. I've have dipped my toe into it and am impressed by the standards it sets itself , and each article shows me something new that I didn't know.

While we are in the realms of ghosts and the unknown , The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing came to mind for a possible song to accompany this, they are one of my favourite live bands and a Venn Diagram would find a few overlaps between them and The Haunted Palace.

The Haunted Palace was also the name of a 1964 Vincent Price film but it was based on the HP Lovecraft story "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" which I shall have to track down and watch again, as I tended to watch any film based on HP Lovecraft in my youth. A modified version (to avoid copyright issues) is on youtube here.

So we'll go with "This House Is Not Haunted" by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing which is a wonderful take on things that go bump in the night.


  1. Hi, congrats on your half million hits, what a landmark! And thanks for the lovely words about the Haunted Palace Blog - such an appropriate song to chose by the Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing; however, I can assure you that this house (or, at least, the Haunted Palace) is DEFINITLY haunted, Mwhahahahaha! All the best, Lenora of the Haunted Palace Blog. PS I will repost, once I figure it out!

    1. Thank YOU for your kind word and wonderful blog , and blogs are annoyingly messy at times. I am trying to find a feed for yours so it will be on my current list of favourites but at the moment it's jsut a static link. Keep on haunting

    2. Just noticed , the live feed now seems to be working , so all is good


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