Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Day Of Rain

Well yesterday was overcast and very very wet, and some people were saying well that's the end of the summer, winter's here , implying that it was all misery doom and gloom from now on. As I walked out of Darlington Station a guy was walking up wearing only a shirt, no jacket and no umbrella , and I thought why his is only wearing a shirt , when really I should have been admiring his optimism. Although he my have just not been prepared , but I like to go with the optimistic view,

On Thursday I mowed my lawn , saw the lawn and garden got a good watering, and it definitely was not walking out weather unless you had at least an umbrella. It's still warm here, and it's four in the morning , I've had six hours sleep , and the rain has finally stopped . There was a serious amount coming down last night.

We shall see what the weekend brings, but after a brilliant but hard week at work, it will be nice to relax with may a nip out somewhere to relax even more.

I'm just writing this because I realise that I should actually still be asleep for another three or four hours, although I am feeling absolutely great. Still buzzing from my doctors visit on Thursday for my diabetic catch up where she was so pleased with what's happening to me . I'm just feeling good and I love the rain as musch as the sun , because you need both in your life.

The song is John Fogerty with Bruce Springsteen performing one his Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, which I've loved since I first heard it in the seventies.

Now , I might go back to bed, I know that's where you are .

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