Friday, 6 September 2013

Some Thoughts On Diabetes and Five Dollar Shakes

Five Dollar Shake from The Stateside Diner
Diabetes is a condition that effectively forces you to live your life as you are supposed to, eating and drinking in moderation and taking exercise. 

When you gave it you made have to take supplements in the form of tablets or injections.  People have said to me they could never inject, they'd rather die. Well that is your alternative. I do have a phobia about needles because they can hurt a bit and I'm not that much into pain. I inject 5 times a day. Sir Steven Redgrave does seven times a day. It's as easy as eating a sweet. The odd time you will catch a nerve but it's like stubbing a toe

It amazes me that there are diabetic jams and chocolates still on the market  they taste horrible. Just go for the real thing because they taste good and really appreciate.

On thing my brilliant doctor once said is that alcohol is the purest form of sugar so ideally cut it out. But if you want a drink just really appreciate it and don't get wrecked. Throughout my diabetes I have had two doctors , the first guy was great but went to Australia. I trusted him so much I let him do my vasectomy. 
My current doctor is a lively lady who combines her work with raising a family and is brilliant positive , always coming up with suggestions and really look forward to seeing her.

Living with diabetes is also about building a good support group,  lots of people want you to fall off the path, maybe not out of malice,  but even when you say no they keep trying to push you towards having cake, chocolate or alcohol. This is something you have to deal with as you see fit.

I'm actually writing this on my phone so hope I get a signal to upload and publish it

It's taken years for me to get somewhere near understanding what diabetes actually is , and for the first tine since getting it I actually feel in control  of it. There could be a number of reasons for this and I still need to confirm what it is, but a very positive mental attitude is help no end and when good things happen you tend to take actions that will cause more good things to happen.

This may not work for everyone but it seems to be working for me.  Another brilliant day lies ahead. Everyone have a fantastic one.

Oh and the picture is of a five dollar shake from the Stateside Diner. I can enjoy them because I treat myself once in a while.

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