Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Another Fine Day ... A Week til Wire

No reason for thinking it's going to be particularly fine apart from the fact that I am feeling particularly happy. That comes from having certain things confirmed and that allows you to take control of things. Added to that I'm going to see my youngest daughter for the third time in a week at Starbucks (that must be some kind of record for recent years) , and in a weeks time I am going to see one of my all time favourite bands Wire and The Cluny in Newcastle.

So really this is just a diary entry, yes I have to go to work and do the mundane stuff , but I will be reading , maybe watching a TED talk or a downloaded Channel 4 program (Blackout) , have coffee and porrige when I get to work (unless they have sold out then I need to go for the fall back bacon sandwich , or god forbid sausage sandwich) , who knows what the day will bring. But I am going to make sure it is good.

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