Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Rain Has Gone - The Sun Is Back - Fighting With My Left Hand Part Whatever

We had the rain on Friday , the sun was back yesterday and this morning is shaping up to be good , too. Blue cloudless sky , which may make it initially cold cold but still it looks very nice outside.

During the week I managed to play G and C chords almost , and recorded me playing Ian Prowse's "Does This Train Stop On Merseyside" for a Youtube post. I wasn't happy with it, but do intend to post if I get a vaguely acceptable cut. The song is very easy to play, just the chords D, Am G and C played in repetition with it's 3 minute story of Liverpool. I've posted various Ian Prowse videos before , but will include the documentary on this post.

The song is John Peel's second favourite about Liverpool and has been covered by Christy Moore. I don't disagree with Mr Ravenscroft.

Anyway on Tuesday I am in hospital for an EMG session which will hopefully establish that I have a trapped nerve and that will account for what happened to my left hand and the muscle wastage and stuff. The session will take up to an hour but obviously there's all the getting there , waiting about and questions and form filling that goes with it. So  on Tuesday I expect to have some good news.

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