Sunday, 1 September 2013

Windpower , Websites and The Fight with My Left Hand

The winds been blowing all through the night , wasn't sure if it was raining . September has blown in , the ninth month of the year is here for us. Woke up this morning aching all over, that'll teach me to to boxing on the Nintendo Wii !! Love all the stories about the complaints they got when it first came out . It's called exercise !!

Well another interesting week ahead , and I finally have got an appointment with a neurologist to see if I can sort out the potential trapped nerve in my left hand. It was funny when a similar thing happened ten years ago , I thought it was a trapped nerve and it was probably a stroke, this time they though it may have been a stroke , well TIA , and it's probably a trapped nerve , which is good because hopefully they can do something about it and I will be able to use the little finger on my left hand normally again.

Song of the Salesman Page Views Over The Years
Also found out that my website has had 26 million page views according to my hosts , Brinkster.  That' about four times what I thought it was , wish it translated into financial reward, but the website was just set up so I could bluff my way through .NET to get a job when I was made redundant at the turn of the millennium.

Also for the first time in ages going to apply for a new job , in the same company , so if anyone sees this it won't come as any surprise. I actually like what I do and love the people I work with but sometimes it's good to see if you can do something else.

Anyway , I was originally going to post Thomas Dolby's Windpower , but then the wonderful boxing song "No Mercy" by Nils Lofgren came into my head , so that get's my vote this morning.

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