Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's Dark Now ... But The Dawn Will Soon Be Here

The Strypes do make a brilliant wake up call!

 One of the problems in getting up really early (4:30 am today) , is that it's dark and you know in a couple of hours you need to be in work. There's not enough time to go back to sleep (I had six hours which is enough for me) so you sort of are awake and wanting to do things.

The Sun Will Rise
My minds abuzz with thoughts and ideas and I'm looking forward to my my train journey south. I still need to take drugs and stuff, but it means I can do things at a leisurely pace instead of rushing around.

I can be sure everything will be on time and work perfectly for me, and I have a small but very interesting problem to solve at work. It's one of those things that's annoying and boring, but I want to get my head round it and understand what is happening.

These are the sort of things that keep us thinking and stop life from being boring. Yes it's a challenge , and yes I will find a solution , but at the moment I am still trying to work things out.

I also need to devote some more time to my book in order to get it up to maybe 10K words a week. Because I work during the day I am going to have to restructure my none work time , but ,that's life. It's what we all do.

I also have to prepare an answer for some anti Barack Obama people (this isn't work) but it is amazing how people pluck figures out of the air and wave them around like it's actually true. There are some figures for you here.

Anyway, feeling very positive about today , so you all go out and enjoy yourself, I know I am going to.

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