Thursday, 5 September 2013

...and the weather's good

It's into September and the weather is still excellent . We have had the best summer for a very very long time . We've had the odd storm , but that just meant I didn't have to water the garden , which is always a bonus. Most of the rain has come overnight, while during the day we have had bright sunshine. Every outdoor music event I have been to has enjoyed brilliant sunshine.

I have a Facebook group called For Everything That Happens In My Life Theres A Song and often songs come into your mind that you just associate with people.  Music really touches us on so many levels that you don't really think about it, there's probably some people that I associate aggressive or bad feeling s with but I would say 99% are good.

And I wonder what songs people will associate with me ? Probably the one one above (Li'l Devil by Spoon) , which I still think is better than The Cult's version , but then I have a vested interest in it. Also so glad in this digital age that that effectively stuff now lasts forever and is not subject to the deterioration of vinyl and cassette tape.

Have a wonderful day

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