Friday, 25 September 2015

Dancing In The Dark

Hold Hands
This is an addendum to my last post. In the UK it's now dark , and usually wet and damp in a good devils to fight my bad devils),
morning. If someone is in a dark place they will be feeling even worse just because of the weather. This means that if you are in an OK place , like I am (OK I am a devil for hiding when I feel bad cos I don't think anyone needs to be bothered with such trivialities, although I have

So here's your task for today:

  • Smile as much as you can if you are happy
  • If you are not happy ask a friend to meet (that might be me)
  • Phone A friend
  • Hold Hands
  • Go For A Coffee
  • Just Talk
It's easy to think you don't matter, no one wants you , and you mean nothing . That is not true. Reach out and I will give you my hand and give you a hug. I've included two Big Daddy songs , play these and your day will be better and you will smile.

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