Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Devils

I have two devils. One is positive , one is negative

The negative one tells me:

  • No one wants you
  • They wish you were not here
  • They would rather watch paint dry than have you there
  • You are despised at work
  • No one could ever love you
  • Your opinions are a joke
  • You should disappear and make eveyone happy

Then the positive one tells me :

  • You have Friends
  • They love you
  • The want you to call
  • They love what you do
  • They love hearing from you
  • You mean something to them
  • You are respected and appreciated at work
  • The miss you when you are not there
  • You light up their lives
  • You would be a huge miss if you weren't there

The thing is , I KNOW the negative devil lies and the positive one tells the truth. For me that devil
wins every time which is why my life is so good. Some people sometimes let their negative devil in and that makes life intolerable . Yes things go wrong , but there are people (like me) who will always be there to help and hold out my hand.

I love being happy , it makes me feel good , and I was going to have some doomy gloom music , but then this song jumed into my head. My positive devil was there for me once again . So you get Kevin Ayer's The Up Song , guaranteed to make you smile although at the bottom is me singing The Cult's Lil' Devil with Spoon

Have a wonderful evening my wonderful friends

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