Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Darkest Hour ... When You Need A Hug

We're getting dark morning , summers over and I'm getting up in the dark again. Luckily these days I can wait til it's light before I leave for work. Darkness while it's great for atmospherics does not tend to lighten ones mood.

I know I haven't blogged for a few days, but it's just really about getting the inspiration to writes , and that's usually because something really good has caught my attention. This week has been full of little things , that for me are not positive , like little knocks and bruises on my psyche. But I will not let them dampen my ardor , I am gonna find positives and I am going to be happy , and I am going to make other people happy , hopefully

Eeyore Hugs
But we hare half way through the week , so if you are lucky enough to be with someone gives them a kiss and a hug and put a smile on their faces , and yours too. I cant think of anything I would rather do at this moment but will make do with doing some household chores

But everybody go out and find someone to hug and make the world a happier place

Decided to go for the Troggs version cos really Love Is All Around if you look and give it a chance

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