Saturday, 19 September 2015

This is How It Should Be Done - The 2015 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup has kicked off in style. Whether its's because the UK has it this year or what  I don't know , but it is brilliant to see a sport not riddled with drugs cheats , rule cheats , bribes , back handers , the deaths of thousands in countries not fit to play the sport.

I cannot pretend I know all the rules , and did get out of it fairly young , having seen so many lost teeth in clashes , though I felt the same about boxing . You do need to be hard to play rugby. I remember many years ago being at a garage and the the sky went dark . Bill Beaumont got out his car and made me look small and you know how big I am.

Here We Go
After the curtain raiser with England getting the better of Fiji , today we had the competition starting in earnest. And the matches are anything but one sided , well mabe the Irish dismantling of Canada , but Tonga vs Georgia should have been closer and Japan took South Africa on a knife edge in one of the biggest shock results , and the competition has hardly started.

The excitement is there and you can see they want to play the game and the first thing on their mind isnt their image rights.

Another thing, Newcastle are staging some matches , and for the Olympics there was a blackout on
everything that wasn't official sponsored , none of that for this competition.

As I pen this  France lead Italy 25-10 , Italy have come back from 25-3 down , and while I expect France to run out victors , they aren't having it all their own way.

I know this isn't my normal sort of post , although in a way it is because events like this get your adrenalin going  , and that makes you happy , and it is great to see good friends getting out and enjoying the games.

I wont be having a bet because I don't know who is going to win, the only thing I'm sure of is it is going to be a great tournament and looking forward to taking in some matches with friends.

Paloma Faith has recorded a new version of World in Union , I cant say I am  that impressed  prefer the Holst original , so I've included the Swing Low  below below which is slightly better , but niot much.

Enjoy the tournament my friends

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