Saturday, 5 September 2015

Its 5AM , Getting It Wrong With The Archers of Loaf

On a Saturday morning and it's amazing how useful and sometimes rubbish the digital world can be. How often do we get the excuse "It's a computer error" ? I always reply , no , it's a human who told it what to do and provided it with the data (somewhere don the line anyway if you want to get pedantic.

Sometime in the past I programmed my friend's birthday into Moonpig to be the 7th of September. I've been sending her cards on the 7th of September for years ,. Yesterday I caught her at Bar Loco , and said I'd forgotten her card , but it would be OK as her birthday was on the 7th . In unison everyone told me it was the 5th , and she's going on holiday on Monday.

So computer error ? I think not , this is a case of Mikey error. So this morning I need to make an early morning delivery of a birthday , so it's good that I got up at 5am

One good thing this is an excuse to play "Wrong " by The Archers of Loaf on of my favourite songs ever

Anyway have a most excellent weekend

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