Thursday, 24 September 2015

When Life Is Hard For Someone Hold Out A Hand

Hold Hands
Sometimes things go wrong , life isn't always easy. For some of us it's fine , but for others it's not. They may be homeless , ill  , under pressure at home , lost , any number of things. Sometimes the offer of a hand , a kind smile , a drink , a talk , can make all the difference.

I haven't written for what seems ages but, thought I would just post something upbeat, one of my favourite songs but the sadly missed Kevin Ayers , this always makes me smile and hope it will for you.

I have two very busy weekends coming up , but I always make time for my friends, always have a smile for people and that always makes me feel good.

Tomorrow when you are out , smile at more people , that person who wasn't feeling too good might feel a little better and you will have done a wonderful good deed.

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