Thursday, 17 September 2015

It Makes Me Happy

What does ? Everything . Well lots of things , maybe I should just list things.

I know my recent posts have been about being happy , hugs and feeling good rather than slagging off Apple and mobile phone companies or being slightly down about  Preston losing , but seriously, I am grateful for being able to make this list. Part of the reason I can do so is that I do always look for good things regardless of what happens, and a small thing , today I got told I was out of my probation period and they liked me at work and last night Youtube relented and allowed my Ezra Furman slideshow for "One Day I Will Sin No More" . I will record my own version of this and put it up on my Youtube Channel soon.

So what makes me happy:
The Vampire Rabbit Spots Its Prey
  • The love and support I get from my close friends and family , here and all over the world
  • The fact there is always someone there for me , and I am there for them
  • The appreciation that people give me when I share time and experience with them
  • I love my hometown of Preston , I don't get there enough , but Newcastle is now my home and I love the place and it's people and the friends I have made here make me fall in love  with everything every day
  • I can't get down for too long because there is always something good about to happen
  • I love the positive things I can show people
  • I love berating people about not visiting The Lit & Phil , it is a beautiful amazing place
  • I love the fact that so many people don't know about the Vampire Rabbit and the look on their faces when I take them is brilliant
  • I love the fact my friend Barbara has resurrected Trillans and my friends Maz and Shev have made The Black Bull into the North East's Go To Punk venue and Dave and Julie Campbell have turned The Schooner into a brilliant Western Swing venue and brilliant pub
  • I love my friends
  • I love the culture , the museums , the coast
  • I love well I might never stop

Anyway that is just some of the stuff, have a brilliant day everyone , I really do love you all

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