Sunday, 6 September 2015

We Should All Feel Wonderful Every Day

I do . And I know doom mongers will say it can't last but why not. I wake up every morning smiling , happy and looking forward to what;s coming my way even though sometimes I haven't a clue what that is.

I know bad things do happen but a positive attitude helps over those things . I love it when good things happen for my friends and those i love (and that's a big overlapping group , everyone I love is my friend) , and if something bad happens I am a shoulder to lean on , and friend to talk to , and someone to bring a smile to your face.

I often but small presents for friends , and they say you shouldn't have. There is as much pleasre in giving as well as getting.

Sometimes friends will say they've let me down  because they can't make a gig or something , because they are feeling under the weather. They never let me down , I am adaptable and sometimes able to stand on my own two feet even. If they aren't well I am looking out for them and thinking about them.

One thing about me is that I can adapt , things can change beyond recognition and I'll keep on my feet and work out the next steps.

Hold Someones Hand Today
Seo Everyone deserves to feel wonderful everyday.

Yes I am not a Syrian refugee , I am well aware of plights of the oppressed and while my only contribution is charity donations and verbal support , I do tend to concentrate my attention closer to home.

So please be kind , feel good yourself and look out for others.

I love my friends so much

I'm really sorry if this seems like a new age rant . It's just to know that if I can be I will be there for you because I know you will there for me. I don't complain if I buty you a drink , a meal or a bar of chocolate , there is as much joy for me in seeing your smile and you get from what I give .There's only one song isn't there

Give someone a hug and hold their hand today , they may need it , and I'm certain they will want it

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