Thursday, 16 May 2019

Come On

This is just a shortish post about an app called "Speechnotes" that I put on my phone (a Google Pixel though I expect to upgrade to a Pixel 3A in the next few months) just to see if it could actually take what I was saying and put it into readable format. This is a first try so it didn't do paragraphs (I don't think) but generally the translation was OK, what I was saying maybe wasn't that good:

This is just a check to see if there's some software actually works could I have suddenly my words write them down and then before me wondering about it for writing my blog and things like that to be actually working in the actually putting most of the word rightly in this in this sir wondering alright basically it's gonna get a slightly funny but it's trying to trying to understand what I actually say which a lot of people can't actually do but that's just the nature of this sort of thing but I'm just wondering whether I can do this instead of typing.
It's it's so far there's a bit of repetition and things like that and obviously I keep saying on and things like that the breaks up my speech sudden it's one of their one of those things you know no I mean one of the things today that came about her I was going to write about something then I forgot about it and this will enable me to capture it assuming that I can talk and people don't think I'm some kind of nutter who just starts talking in the street like you do sudden see so many people having loud conversations on the phone in public and you think who does he think he is you know so that I know everything about what he's actually saying and ways that should be they should make an attempt to privacy but often there for two important to deal with that the obviously.
If you're listening to what they're saying then you're intruding on their privacy which is just get outside just weird anyway I'm just wonder capture this my blog and then see what actually happens paragraph.
Alright I was hoping that it would actually but it's put the word paragraph in just one of those things and today I was in somewhere having something to eat and they played the very first song that I think I played in public where I sang and played guitar on which was the Rolling Stones what's the cover of a Chuck Berry song (Come On) it's got a mouth organ harmonica solo in it and that bit I played on the guitar but that was as a teenager a long long time ago but basically it's a three chord. Chuck Berry song one of my favorites and I will possibly included with this now and we shall see cut this and send it somewhere.

So that is what it did , a lot of mistakes but there is some sense in it, and that's about 400 words or so. I'm just wondering if it gets better the more you use it so I may try this again and see what comes out and also actually make some corrections. On the one hand it may create more work, but it will mean just actually editing so it's probably going to make me a little more involved in what I am writing.

So I will obviously include The Rolling Stones take on Chuck Berry's "Come On" for you.

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