Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Liverpool is Liverpool

This is just to record the fact that Liverpool thrashed Barcelona last night is one of the most amazing turnarounds in modern sport. Statisticians had given Liverpool a 4% chance of progressing, they were missing their two main strike threats, although the final third of their strike force has hit the net 20 times this season.

Even Liverpool fans were resigned to going out , but I pointed out that Liverpool are not one man, Liverpool are Liverpool, they have a team, they have a brilliant engaging manager who most of the time gets it right and knows how to motivate people (loved the bear hug as he sent Daniel Sturridge on for the last five minutes last night, that is someone who cares). His Barcelona counterpart was stoney faced and immobile throughout the night.

Barcelona have Messi , Suarez, Coutinho and god know how many more, so the task was great, but last night was the stuff of Football legend. Jurgen Klopp's acquisition of Virgil Van Dijk has made their defence far more solid (though Newcastle scored two against them on Saturday) but Divock Origi and Giorgio Wijnaldum scored a brace each to take Liverpool though.

The match report is here.

An absolutely wonderful night and we will share my  (and John Peel's)favourite song about Liverpool to mark the occasion, Pete Wylie's "Heart as Big As Liverpool".

There will be a lot of happy faces in Liverpool this morning.

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