Saturday, 25 May 2019

Still The Same and Ghostbusters is Great

I wasn't going to write a post today, intended to give it a rest as I am absolutely shattered, and want to go to bed, but also want to be sure that I will go to sleep. This afternoon I finished watching series two of "Black Books" which is consistently anarchically funny and tonight watched the reboot of "Ghostbusters". I was surprised and the remarkably low score it gets on IMDB but that is the power of white men scared of women with the ability to cast a digital vote. I mean women can't do what men can do can they? The answer is a resounding YES THEY CAN. There is no place for misogyny full stop.

I suppose the complaints about the final series of Game of Thrones is similar but is probably more triggered by the fact that Game of Thrones has now ended, so pedants can pick over plot holes rather than enjoying the amount of brilliant moments throughout the final series. You had two amazing battles , with buildups and then the fallout from those battle, and an anything but expected ending. At least it didn't go on for an hour like "The Return of the King".

The original "Ghostbusters"  is great , the reboot is brilliant and funny and I love it. The complainants are the same numpties , gammons and male "supremacists" who went mad over Jodie Whittaker becoming Doctor Who. We would probably get a similar reaction for a non white Doctor Who , but let's face it, Whoopi Goldberg and Samuel L. Jackson would be fine to fill those boots. Anyway, I'll say it again, "Ghostbusters" is great.

This post was just to note that I am still getting  over 1.2K hits per day, and there are still five recent posts in my top ten all time posts. The only problem sort of being is that posts over the last month are still getting hits, the last one that is not get hits is the one about the Facebook Ban here.

So because I have always loved the theme to the original "Ghostbusters" I will go with that, because the Ray Parker Jnr song is still cool and fun.

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