Monday, 13 May 2019

A Photograph

Usually when you have a hospital visit for a scan you are told to fast, and you vaguely know why but lats week his was brought home to me. I was having an Endoscopy but had forgotten about it so had some porridge in the morning . this was three ours before I had the camera pushed down my throat and everything was fine.


They gave me photographs of my insides and one was "partially obscured by food". The clarity of the photographs was amazing, but this one brought it home in no uncertain terms why you need to fast and drink only water or black coffee or tea, It is so you don't obscure the photographs with food.

Only a short post but thought that I could just share this with youso if it happens to you you know why. And keeping with the body theme ......

I've decided to go with a song from the soundtrack of the Roy Battersby documentary The Body  (IMDB here) by Roger Waters and Ron Geesin who also collaborated on Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother". The film also features Vanessa Redgrave.

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