Saturday, 18 May 2019

Rolling Fultium

I though I would try Speechnotes again on a shorter passage, and thought I would make a note about how my blue Fultium tablets almost always roll off te desk when I put them out to take. Speechnotes heard Fultium as 14 as well as other errors but probably gets about 90% of it right. Fultium is supposed augment my Vitamin D and keep my bones in good shape (I think). This is what Speechnotes heard.

"Ok right and try this again and this will be a bit shorter it's just about the 14 blue 14 tablet that you take and every time I put my tablets out there's about 20 tablets XL always manages to find a way to roll off the table and hit the floor I haven't a clue why not the only round one"

How Fultium Rolls

Make what you will of that. The thing is , the more you say the more you have to correct, but that is probably true of normal writing. I suppose this could als be a coach for public speaking, as it pays to get what you say write, although you do have the option of correcting it later.

Speechnote also doesn't seem to punctuate and you need punctuation to actually make things reasonably readable.

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