Wednesday, 8 May 2019


So England will have five* teams in next seasons Champions League. Tottenham Hotspur, like Liverpool last night overcame a three goal deficit to win on away goals with a last minute winner at Ajax. I'd said to my friend Obi today, who was dismissive of any chance they might have, that they had Son and Lucas Moura , and if Moura played to his abilities they definitely had a chance.

So Tottenham conceded two early goals just to make life difficult, and set themselves a task they had not achieved since 2010 (against Arsenal), overcome a two goal deficit to win an away match, against a team that had disposed of Real Madrid and Juventus. That was no mean feat.

Lucas Moura score all the Spurs goals and you can see the match report here. Given what has happened over the last two nights God knows what will happen in the Champions League Final in Madrid, I wouldn't like to call it.

Basically, from the point of view of the English and Neutrals you have seen two amazing matches that go to the top of the scale for excitement, nerves and unexpected results. It is unlikely such a thing will ever pass again.

So a piece of music to celebrate this momentous occasion, I think we will go for another Pete Wylie / Mighty Wah slice of beautiful brilliance, the wonderful "Come Back" (which you can actually download for 99p) which Tottenham Hotspur can do with pride and their heads held high. There is no way I would disgrace this post with "Diamond Lights"

* Just realised it will only be five if Chelsea and Arsenal both win tonight.... we shall see

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