Thursday, 9 May 2019


I had a good reason for calling this Six , it does follow the wrongly named "Five" post but I've forgotten why I was going to call it that . This is also an experiment to see if I get more visits if I post at night rather than in the morning. In the morning the USA is asleep but in the UK evening the USA is awake. I'm not sure that will make any difference.

I've had Pete Wylie songs for that last two posts and this time I found a live take of "Four Eleven Forty Four" at King Tuts in Glasgow. A guy I worked with at Littlewoods , Dave Homan was a friend of Pete Wylie's , and Wylie has been responsible for some amazing tunes and should really be a much bigger name than he is.

Even his sketch songs and gorgeous and when I chose this, lots more came to mind, but I stuck with this lovely live take.

It's dark outside, it's Thursday night and maybe time for bed....

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