Monday, 26 October 2015

A Little Bazaar #27- 1983 - The Cure - Love Cats

At the weekend I was in the Grainger Market and dropped into this gem of a shop the Little Bazaar in the Grainger Market presided over by a lovely lady called Georgie who wears a wonderful green steampunk style top hat. It has lots on incense , scarves , candles m stones and things , and you could lose yourself in the intoxication of it's welcoming atmosphere. The Grainger Market is a brilliant place to be these days and this is one of the many reasons why it is so good. You should really take a look and buy something. I love it.

A Little Bazaar
The Odyssey hits year 27 , 1983 . Lots of people complain about how rubbish music was in the 80s . Well was it. 95% is always rubbish and among lots of others The Cure were a major fixture of the 80s and they are without doubt one of the greatest bands ever and I love "The Love Cats" , how could I not choose that , a good start to what will be a great week.

Happy Monday everyone.

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