Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Celebrate The Good

This post was going to be about negative stuff, but I thought I am always telling people to concentrate on the positives , because it's the easiest thing in the world to find fault , so maybe I am a bit special because I will always look for the good in everything.

I miss a bus , I walk to the next stop and benefit from the walk

I miss a train, I have longer to read a book , listen to music, talk with friends.

Last night I became a Friend of the Tyneside Cinema, because it's the only Cinema I'm aware of north of somewhere South and it's a wonderful place , the people there are lovely and I love going in there.

You also meet lovely people there , last night I ran into Craig and Krista and they introduced me to a young poet and we chatted about diverse thinks such as South and Central America  , film , Vamos and Isabel Sarli. Craig and Kirista went to watch a film and the poet left with a hug.

Then we went for a lovely meal at Prezzo before coming.

Had correspondence with various good friends during the day and there was so much good happening.

And this came on to of an amazing weekend with friends and family enjoying the Chase Park Festival under gorgeous sunny skies.

And when you concentrate on good things it sets you up  to look for more things.

I know negative and bad things do happen , but if you are in a positive frame of mind it will help you. There are times even in my new job, when things seem that they are getting too much , with belief in myself , and so much support and positivity from my friends and colleagues there , as well as the company ethos , makes sure that I succeed.

Anyway I hope you all have a great day, I am going to have one , and what else could I have but Baxter Dury's "Pleasure" my feelgood record of the moment.

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