Sunday, 16 August 2015

Coincidentally ... Dead Fairies

Dead Fairies
Today I dropped by the excellent Glamorous Owl and among the many wondrous things there were these amazing "Dead Fairies" . The work is fabulous and I was speaking to the proprietress's husband
who was minding the shop while his wife was giving a two hour silver ring making lesson upstairs (£25 and you walk away with your own , self made silver ring).

Anyway tonight I watched the second episode of Series 3 of Ripper Street ,"The Beating of Her Wings"  , a very dark episode which had a child apparently kept in a dungeon filled with ... you guessed it ... dead fairies

Now people would say that means something , but it really is just one of those ominous coincidences., you don't often come across dead fairies , definitely not twice in a day.

And what else could I have but We're All Going To Hell by The Bastard Fairies . So we've had two lots of Dead Fairies and one lot of Bastard Fairies.

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