Thursday, 13 August 2015

Good Things From The Fridge

It's summer , it's hot and often you don't feel like eating a great deal, but it is nice to have something that's both cool and good for you. While I love apples and grapefruit that have been in the fridge at least a day, sometime grapefruit can get a little messy with juice going everywhere as you cut into it, but the taste as the pulp hits your tongue is tart and amazing.

Fruit Is Cool Inside You
But also grapes , strawberries and baby plum tomatoes are an absolute treat for the tastebuds slipping down a treat and you just find it difficult to stop. Just one more, just one more and then you stop. And it's amazing that there are readily available everywhere, so it's not as though they are exotic.

Raspberries are another and even bananas , which are also full of goodness and are very pleasant decorated with cream and ice-cream.

So I hope my culinary escapade has kept you amused and given you ideas to try.

It's time for bed now , early start tomorrow

And it's an excise include Prince's Cream as the decoration although I could have had Peach!

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